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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Random Wednesday: Thanksgiving Throwdown! and 2 days until Harry Potter

Yep, get ready for a great throwdown tonight folks!  Ree Drummond aka the Pioneer Woman (see her blog on my sidebar) will surely be defeating Iron Chef Bobby Flay tonight on the Food Network's Throwdown.  I will be watching, of course, courtesy of my DVR (I thank the Lord that this contraption was invented...commerical free since 2006, oh yeah!).  Right now I am actually busy doing Ree's Thanksgiving dressing since we are celebrating early with my Dad in San Antonio this weekend.  It is, of course, delish. 

Her quote: My Name Is Ree
I'm a desperate housewife. I live in the country. I channel Lucille Ball, Vivien Leigh, and Ethel Merman. Welcome to my frontier!
And I might just add that there are only two days until Harry Potter and we are even dragging my Dad to see it....yes, quality time there people.  Have a great week!

In Christ,


Jennifer K said...

Have fun during your early Thanksgiving! We're going to celebrate it a little late here in France. I'm going to a big Thanksgiving to-do in early December.
I enjoy Ree's blog too but have never made any of her recipes. They all look really good though!

Sally Annie Magundy said...

Hi Jenny!
I'm so glad you enjoy Harry too - we LOVE him hugely over here! You big luckies, we're not going to get to see it until Saturday morning - Friday is David's last day of work before the Thanksgiving break. We bought our 10:00 AM tickets online and cannot wait. Hubby has been re-reading book Six - we have both the American and English editions, that's how stuck on Harry we are. I'll be thinking of you tomorrow and looking forward to talking about it later on.
Hope all is well with you guys! &
Happy happy Thanksgiving to you and your dear ones.
Sally xoxoox

Anne in Oxfordshire said...

Hello Jenny ...Have a fab time at Harry Potter :-) x

A Tale of Two Cities said...

Rats! I missed it, being here in London and all. I am going back to Texas on Tuesday so maybe it will be repeated later in the week. Was it delicious?


Sally Annie Magundy said...

Happy Thanksgiving Jenny! Hope you're enjoying a wonderful holiday and time with your family.

I'm so glad to hear you enjoyed Harry! Wasn't it amazing?! I think I need to see it again too. :) My husband said it felt slow to him but then we figured out that it was probably due to his rereading the last book (did I mistakenly say he was rereading number six before??? yup, I see I sure did - I meant seven) right before seeing the movie - so he was waiting for each thing to happen as he watched.

I hope your girlies have fun seeing it. Did they read all of the books?

I'm already so sad that there's only one more movie. WAH! sniffle sniffle.

Off to get a start on the Thanksgiving fun!

Sally xoxo

Sally Annie Magundy said...

whooops! I meant to give you a link to some Harry Potter recipes. :)


Jenny said...

Boy have I been bad. Hey Jennifer! Belated Thanksgiving to you and I hope your turkey day feast is scrumptious in Paris...do tell. Thank you as always for popping by and encouraging. We had a casual family time together and started our decorating for Christmas.

Sally, you are so good to me. Yes, we loved Harry Potter, no, the girls have not read any books (I don't really seem interested), they thought the movie was very good though. I hope your Thanksgiving was lovely and yummy and thank you so much for the link to recipes...how fun. God bless your festivities and thnak you for visiting me.

Anne, you are so nice to ask...I have seen it twice now and have one more viewing with a nephew whose parents don't care to see Harry so I told him it was an early Christmas gift from me. I hope you are doing well and I sure enjoy your great pics with the small French town posts.

Debi....Ree was so fun, and the episode was entertaining. It was a whole hour and I hoped you had a chance to catch it. Did you enjoy Thanksgiving at home or abroad? So many choices. Have a happy holiday season and as always thank you so much for following my blog.

BonjourRomance said...

Bonjour Jenny,
SO glad you stopped by, it sounds like you have been busy with your sweet family. Hope you had a good Thanksgiving - we prepared a little feast for just the two of us.
Unfortunately, we don't get the Food Network here...
Are you getting ready for Christmas, hard to believe it is less than a month away.
Good day to you Jenny!


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