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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Random Wednesday: Thanksgiving Throwdown! and 2 days until Harry Potter

Yep, get ready for a great throwdown tonight folks!  Ree Drummond aka the Pioneer Woman (see her blog on my sidebar) will surely be defeating Iron Chef Bobby Flay tonight on the Food Network's Throwdown.  I will be watching, of course, courtesy of my DVR (I thank the Lord that this contraption was invented...commerical free since 2006, oh yeah!).  Right now I am actually busy doing Ree's Thanksgiving dressing since we are celebrating early with my Dad in San Antonio this weekend.  It is, of course, delish. 

Her quote: My Name Is Ree
I'm a desperate housewife. I live in the country. I channel Lucille Ball, Vivien Leigh, and Ethel Merman. Welcome to my frontier!
And I might just add that there are only two days until Harry Potter and we are even dragging my Dad to see it....yes, quality time there people.  Have a great week!

In Christ,

Monday, November 15, 2010

The Boy Who Lived...my countdown to Friday

I can't tell you how much I have toiled over this post, or how ridiculously silly I feel saying so, but seeing as the day to the US premiere of the Harry Potter film is approaching (November 19th at a theater near YOU..I am sure!) I want to be on task about something bloggy around here, and yes, please excuse me, I chose Harry Potter...and if you have not met him...Please, pretty please, let me introduce you. 
Harry and his owl, Hedwig

I have watched Harry Potter from when it first came out in 2001 and so enjoyed the movies, that finally, this past summer, Harry Potter in JK Rowling's words, was a constant companion on my nightstand.  And, I even got my hubby to crack open the last large tome (7th book) in order to be "in the know" for these last two movies. 

I know, I know.  Yes, I am nearly 40....a late comer to the Harry Potter fan base for sure.  No one that knows me would expect to find me tucked in bed late at night pouring over this book series, or hoping to be the first in line for the movie.   I find myself missing Harry, Ron and Hermione (the main 3 characters) and reading/watching their friendship be tested evolve, and strengthen.   
The trio in the their Hogwarts common room

 Author J.K. Rowling deftly weaves her tale of Harry (The Boy Who Lived) the unloved and unappreciated orphan raised by unkind aunt and uncle, who only until he turns 11, finds he has all along had magical powers passed down to him by his wizard mom and dad, who died fighting the "evil" wizard Lord Voldemort and his lot of dastardly followers.  And though Harry was not but a year old He Lived!, tho' Voldemort tried to strike him down, because his mother shielded him from the curse and in her death her love saved Harry and took out Voldy....or so they thought...this is where the first book starts. 

From the first book to the last we join Harry in discovering this wizarding world that is a marvel of author JK Rowling's wonderful imagination.  Hogwarts (boarding/wizarding school that young wizards in training attend beginning at age 11) comes to life, set in an enchanted castle in the hills of Scotland, Quidditch is a thrilling sport, Rowling's complete creation, as it is played on broomsticks, and Diagon Alley is a shopping wizard's "downtown" of sorts that is "magically" tucked away from Muggles (we non-magical folk) off one of central London's narrow alleys.....BUT before I lose you amidst the new words, places, and names in the book you must know that the strongest themes in all the books are the triumph of Good over evil, Friendship, Faith, Courage, Loyalty, and above all Love. 
Diagon Alley

I loved that the books, though taking us into a wizarding world did not involve any Satanic leanings....simply the truths of good vs. evil.  That the wizarding world is a combo of the old fashioned principles + magic.  There is not a TV, computer, smartphone or even rotary dial to be found in Hogwarts.  Harry and the lot send notes on parchment carried by messenger owls, roaring fires light and warm all the rooms, and they dine by candlelight (albeit magical candles that float above their heads in the great hall's rafters, like stars). 
Hogwarts Great Hall alighted

I even delighted in being immersed in the language of some English colloquialisms and Rowling-speak like when a character has a "crazy" idea, he is being "mental", or when a "whoa!" could be exclaimed we hear a "Merlin's beard!"  I found myself wishing I could say "Accio"-purse (accio being a fetching charm to bring things to you), such was the magic of the literary world I became familiar with. 

So, there you go....my explanation of why I have a giddy anticipation for the forthcoming film and wish I could be in the crazy cold line at the first night's midnight showing but my reality of 3 kiddos needing sleep on a school night and me, well, being almost 40 and I most certainly needs my beauty sleep...SO I will be there at a more respectable time on the first DAY, and maybe just maybe sporting the Harry spectacles with a lightening bolt drawn on my forehead in honor of the occasion...

as always

In Christ,

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Random Wednesday: Here's my "Present" to you!

Wow, is it Wednesday already!  Yikes, my random Wed. idea is not quite ready but oh, hey, how about a random product endorsement: the present by Philosophy.
Now, I will confess to you that I have some problem skin.  Here's hoping this isn't TMI (too much information) but I don't just have oily skin in just my "T" zone,  all zones become equally glossy.  And as time would have it, my pores have grown too...ah, lovely isn't it.  But the other day a TV personality (who I assume would have a team of experts behind her on-air persona) endorsed this product and now I stand behind her too.   

The make-up promises an even airbrushed look and no, this is not a face lift in a bottle, but a small amount of this light white cream goes on clear, with a pleasant lavender smell.  A couple of minutes after application you can put on your regular make-up with a clean canvas to start your make-up ritual.  My usual make-up time used to be spent blotting and applying my foundation as I go, and now after I wait the two minutes after putting on "the present" I have an improved skin tone and less oily-ness. 

The highlighted link above will link you to Amazon but I noticed most places selling the 2oz. cream are charging the same $25.  It is a little more than I like to spend but thankfully a little has gone a long way for me.  Hope it is a helpful tip and if anyone else would like to share their beauty hints, tips, or secrets...I would be glad to get some and share it too! 

Happy bloggin'!

In Christ,

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

You can call me "ma'am": Random Wednesday

Hello dear friends....How about Random Wednesday?  As the title states, on Wednesdays I will post maybe, let's say a recipe, a pondering, a poll, a scripture that has impressed me and I want to share but something generally random.  I am mostly doing this as a way to keep abloggin' along and in touch with blog buddies.  I am going to post on our girls' getaway but I just got the photos from my mom and was delayed a bit.  Thanks friends for hanging in there with me.  Happy Wednesday!

"Sophia, stand over here and take a picture with Buddy, OK?"
"Yes, ma'am," Sophia
"Woof!" Buddy
I wish I could remember in which magazine I read the article.  But I DO remember the title of the article was "Don't call me Ma'am!"  In it the woman was relaying how after her move from someplace in the Northeast (US) to Texas she was barraged by the "ma'am's" from cashiers, sales people and even people her own age and disparaged the term in regards to the age it added to her.  She stated that these folk were somehow putting her down assuming she was older and especially those seemingly her age were using the term to pigeon hole her.  Hmmm

I guess I can understand this.  But then I think to my own encounters with the increased frequency of hearing "ma'am" in my general direction....and I have to say....I was pleased with the term. Maybe the difference for me was growing up in Texas and at times be referred to as a "ma'am" even as an 8 year old or so by my "elders" (you know teenagers and above) and understanding it as a polite-ness. 

Then, I distinctly recall meeting my dear hubby for the first time and noting his high frequency of referring to men and women as "sir" and "ma'am".  Was it his honeyed Texas drawl and wide smile that won me over?  Well, yeah, that is highly possible, but I KNOW for a fact that it was the respect he used with the term coupled with his easy use of "please" and "thank you".   In a time when you go to a fast food place, store, movie and instead of a "pardon me" you get a "huh?" from the employee of the joint, or when you say "Thank you" you hear a "Uh-huh" instead of "your welcome".  I would much rather hear people step up to the plate of civility and offer a "Hello, Ma'am, may I help you?" or a "You're welcome" in these days of "Whatever" being an everyday response (yes, that term drives me up the walls). 

But one more thing....My husband and I do teach the girls to use these terms of politeness in their everyday responses and yet we also address them with the same terms.  Now, don't get me wrong in thinking we are the height of following our "p's" and "q's" but we try all the way around.  So when I beckon to Anna in her room to help Sophia with something while I am cooking dinner she most times answers, "Yes, Ma'am!" and that is music to this mom's ears.

trying to mind my p's and q's,


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