Robert Frost

The best way out is always through.

Thursday, September 30, 2010


Praise the Lord!!!! Thank you to my dear blog friends for sticking it out with me and checking in.  It means so much because for the last two months my modem has been ailing and I so dearly missed my bloggy buddies and getting in touch with anyone via e-mail (I live in the boonies/sticks).  I finally stopped being stubborn and called my Internet provider (we can only get it satellite out here) and waited and waited (over three days with about a total of 4 hours phone waiting time) and voila...the problem was a on-the-fritz-modem.  I was completely offline for the last week, and today the modem (covered by warranty!!) arrived and little ol' me was so eager, I connected it myself. 

Here I be, ready to read, blog (thoughts on fall acomin', Harry Potter, and baking), and surf the web....but now it is Homecoming week for the girls (mum making, much chauffeuring, and general busyness) and my little girl at home is turning 4!!!  I will blog all, ready or not. 


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