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Thursday, December 2, 2010

General Randomness (since I missed "Random Wednesday")

Okay, it must be said that I am a fan of the Today Show....when I went to New York City (ever so brief 3 days in June of 2003) a must on my list was trying to see the then hosts, Katie, Matt, Ann and Al (Today show hosts) and stand around waving to the camera as part of the mass of people that hovers about the show and from time to time (it is a 4 hour morning program) gets face time when they scan the crowd.  I watch it most mornings (while I and Sophia breakfast) and it is on in the back ground while I work around the house. 

So, anyway, my randomness today is inspired by one of the guests on the show today....none other than Gene Simmons of the band Kiss (no, I confess that I am not a fan).  But in promoting his reality show (hey, everyone has one now) "Family Jewels" he shared that while touring in Amsterdam this summer he was deeply moved by the Anne Frank museum (as his own mom survived the concentration camps and was the same age at the same time as Anne, 13 yo).  Then even more than promoting his show he took a soap box moment and said that every school aged child should read her diary (and I agreed) and get a true idea of the toll of the holocaust and a moving representation of the lives involved in the ordeal. 

It reminded me of the first time I read her diary.  I was 13 and staying with my Dad for part of the summer and saw the small book amongst his mostly war, weapons and other "manish" books and was immediately intrigued having never heard of her.  I tore through the book and felt as if I was sneaking into someone's private thoughts....and, I WAS.  I read the book in a day (such were my summers) and missed Anne in the end.  Only, then did I realize it was all true and shared so lovingly by her father Otto Frank who saw that his daughter had left a part of herself that gave a relatable face and heart to a time and people who endured in the most dark part of recent history. 

Thanks for stopping by and sharing.

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A Tale of Two Cities said...

I used to teach this book years ago when I taught 8th grade English. It was probably my favorite activity of the year, as the students really opened up for some meaningful discussions prompted by Anne's words.

Thanks for the reminder today,

Girl Meets Paris said...

I remember reading her diary too, as a girl. Loved it.

I've been clicking on the wrong blog... I thought you quit!!!! Sorry I haven't been reading!

Blessings to you...


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