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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter...a bit late...

...but I just couldn't resist sharing this funny, cute, yet true telling of  "A Very Special Sunday"...They shared it in church this morning and got my 4 year old's attention,...and, yes, mine too.  Pausing my music will keep it from competing with the video. 


In Christ,


It's me said...

How did you make that beautiful movie??? so nice !! happy easter darling !!...love love Ria...xxx..

Anne in Oxfordshire said...

Happy Easter Jenny .. I do hope that you had a lovely weekend. I hope that you do get your computer problems sorted .,, :-( :-( I can understand how frustrating it must be , /Take care anne

Mrs. Welder said...

Loved that! Thanks for sharing!

Mademoiselle Poirot said...

Since it's a bit late for Easter wishes, here's to a lovely month of May. I hope you're well and your computer troubles are sorted. Love from London xo

Jenny said...

Ria..hello, and I wish I had drawn the sweet illustration but it was something i found from a website that provides video skteches to do with biblical themes. Hope your spring is lovely.

Anne! The bit of Italy on your blog is amazing...how much more it means to see it through the eyes of someone with a personal connection to the place. thank you for stopping by and for the Easter greeting. Here's to a brighter May.

Hello Angel, thanks for visiting and I just had to share it because Sophia perked up in church when it was shared.

Carole, No. they are not and I am in such a funk about it too. It has to do with the cost of repairs and the fact that so many odds and ends have come up (cost wise) and my computer habits are not on the priority list. Just a few days ago our trusty minivan (2003 model with 200,000 miles) starting going kaput....hmmm. Here's hoping we can still take a vacation this summer. There, that's me whinning...done...thank you so much for stopping by and your sweet note.

BonjourRomance said...

Dear Jenny,

How are you? Sorry about those pesky computer problems. THis video was great, the true Easter story being told by those two sweet voices is precious.
Wishing you a wonderful and happy Mother's Day!


Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

DEAR JENNY! THANK YOU for coming by with such heart warming comments! Oh, every one needs a hug, and your sweet words reach the miles. I BELIEVE life will come back again because of HIM....I do believe you know that.....have a fabulous day, Anita

Happy Homemaker UK said...

Really sweet - I loved some of those misspellings too. HOpe you had a wonderful Easter! XOL

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

JENNY!!!! THANK YOU FOR WANTING TO PARTICIPATE! I see you are a traveler so you KNOW the allure of Paris! DO WHATEVER YOU WISH DEAREST; it will be so fun to see what everyone comes up with on that date!!!! And yes, wasn't that video so charming??? I came across it perusing one of my favorite tumblr sites. There is one for Barcelona as well!!!

I am going to put your name and link on my list on my draft for my post on the 28th!!!!

Have a great day, Jenny!


Jenny said...

Mimi, you are so good to stop by. Man, it has been hard lately popping by some of my fave travel blogs...I have the travel bug so bad...and there is no spray or cream to cure it simply a plane ticket in hand. But I am always thankful for the everyday glimpses you and others cross the altlantic bloggers can share.

Happy Homemaker! Such thanks for the comment, visit, and especially the follow. I love, love, love your sweet blog. it takes my breath away.

ANITA!!! I also wanted to say how fabulous your art is. You could have said it was some kind of French vintage graphic and I would have believed it...your work is great.

Le Chateau des fleurs said...

Thanks so much!! You have the sweetest heart!!
have a super day!


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