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Friday, January 11, 2008

Happy New Year!

Well we had a sweet, low key Christmas season.

Yes, I had to get the traditional, "first time baby sees Santa Claus and is terrified" pic.
See, she was okey-dokey later.

A little strep throat here, a cold there, teething everywhere and yet the holiday time was spent cozily together and with dear family and friends. Thank you dear Lord! Here's to a New Year with more of the same and, as my mother-in-law toasted, a New Year with Peace. Amen.
I love blogging. But do I do it. No. It is just like the fact that I so enjoy watching Jon & Kate plus 8 and marvel at their efficiency and gumption but does that translate into me doing the same? No, I simply sit and watch and, yes, don't make the most of my time. One of my flaws. But when I read and so admire other peoples blogs I love to compliment and encourage because they are so inspirational to me. So is this a new year's resolution raising it's ugly head--oh no. I don't believe in all the "I'm gonnas". We will just see.

I know Steph made herself a "little diligence jar" and that is such a good idea but I would end up procrastinating on the jar itself. So blogging will be my diligence jar. Anyone welcome to keep me accountable. Uh, I think.
So I hope your New Year is encouraging and that I will blog again soon.


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