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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Random Wednesday: Here's my "Present" to you!

Wow, is it Wednesday already!  Yikes, my random Wed. idea is not quite ready but oh, hey, how about a random product endorsement: the present by Philosophy.
Now, I will confess to you that I have some problem skin.  Here's hoping this isn't TMI (too much information) but I don't just have oily skin in just my "T" zone,  all zones become equally glossy.  And as time would have it, my pores have grown too...ah, lovely isn't it.  But the other day a TV personality (who I assume would have a team of experts behind her on-air persona) endorsed this product and now I stand behind her too.   

The make-up promises an even airbrushed look and no, this is not a face lift in a bottle, but a small amount of this light white cream goes on clear, with a pleasant lavender smell.  A couple of minutes after application you can put on your regular make-up with a clean canvas to start your make-up ritual.  My usual make-up time used to be spent blotting and applying my foundation as I go, and now after I wait the two minutes after putting on "the present" I have an improved skin tone and less oily-ness. 

The highlighted link above will link you to Amazon but I noticed most places selling the 2oz. cream are charging the same $25.  It is a little more than I like to spend but thankfully a little has gone a long way for me.  Hope it is a helpful tip and if anyone else would like to share their beauty hints, tips, or secrets...I would be glad to get some and share it too! 

Happy bloggin'!

In Christ,


A Tale of Two Cities said...

Thanks Jenny!
I'm always on the look-out for good beauty products! This sounds like it is worth a try.


Jennifer K said...

Hi Jenny, you did it! Another Random Wednesday post. You're good :-))
Thanks for the makeup tip. I also have really oily skin so I will try this sometime. I've always wanted "matte" skin, but instead I got the oily, shiny kind. Oh well!


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