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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

What a wonderful bloggy world! Thank you so much.

Do you wanna know how I feel when I share stories (delightful, touching, funny stories)  with my family and they ask "where did that story come from?" and I say "so-n'-so's" blog?  I feel like I am telling them tales from my imaginary friends.  Not because my blog buddies are not real (because so much y'all share is so very very real), but because my blog life is still so foreign to my family (not one family member reads it, I tell them everything anyway) and the looks on their faces are like "Aw, that's nice for you".  Now, don't get me wrong, I am blessed with a supportive family in so many ways but for some reason "blogging" does not compute.  What gives?

Well this last week I have been in the midst of the awful "yucks", AGAIN (in the form of a blazing sinus infection).  And while I have been laying low in the posting department, I have been joyfully keeping up with the blogs I love.  Yet, I have noticed that I wasn't sharing some sweet gems from my favorite blogs with my family as much, like Elizabeth's everyday (yet extraordinary) walk through her 'hood of Cornwall,England
or Corey's exquisitely photographed week in Paris inspired by blog readers requests,
or even Debi's fabulous Kensington Palace fancy dinner in London! 
I imagined that they (family) might get a bit tired of me speaking about people and places that I did not know in the flesh.   Then two things happened this week to peak their interest.....

In the mail direct from Scotland, I received my AWESOME collection of hand crafted goodies from Karon of Dream Country Chat!:
She has a website that features her homemade goods of tea towels, sachets, cards and tote bags (fabric designed by her), and on her blog she hosted a giveaway of her "Brocante" line of items and I was lucky enough to be chosen. 
Brocante items: tote, card, post card, herb sachet, and tea towel!

 My family was quite impressed and intrigued in how I knew Karon.  When they found it was blog related it seemed to add a new dimension to my bloggy interests.  Thank you so much Karon!
This thistle was at the foot of my mailbox the day your package arrived Karon!
Then, two days later, and very much a sweet surprise to me I found this in my mailbox:

Oddly enough, my first postcard from Paris (yes, I have had the joy of being in Paris, but I never had anything sent to me from fair Pah-ree). 

The CULPRIT: Anne in Oxfordshire!
Thank you ,thank you Anne!  Little did you  know what a pick me up your card would be and what curiosity it would raise in my home.  Again came the questions, "So how do you know this person? Why would she send you a card? yada, yada, yada.." I told them that one of Anne's hobbies is sending and receiving postcards from everywhere and that she also blogs so well about her enjoyment of travel and favorite destinations of Paris and Italy in particular.  And I was happy to share that by blogging, I have had the extraordinary gift of forming new friendships/acquaintances with women (as far as my experience goes, it is just ladies) who may lead very different lives from me, but share the same delight in putting their experiences, hopes, dreams and observations in an open forum.  I have honestly received such kind words and encouragement and caring from my fellow bloggers and feel very grateful and humbled. 

So, from boonies-country Texas I send y'all a big Thank Ya! Happy Blogging and God Bless You.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Teeny, tiny confession:"it's on like Donkey Kong!"

First off, a great big thank you again to all my blogging friends who have left dear comments and have kindly checked in on me/us.  My mom is doing as well as she can and her friends and family have been keeping up with her and loving on her too. 

Last night, after a family busy weekend (cousins, in laws, fishing, grilling, hanging out) I sat back a moment and watched some TV with my family.  And my confession?:

I love the Amazing Race.  I have watched it every year since it started and was totally involved in the premise of 12 couples on a world wide scavenger hunt for a million dollars.  Unlike my unfave: Survivor, these couples don't just sit around, have game show challenges, and fakey tribe meetings.  Typically the pairs (marrieds, dating, friends, siblings, parents/children..whatever) perform a challenge, find a clue, search for historical sights that fit the region/country and spread their wings personally and culturally. 

But this year David and I have a favorite team that has become one of our all time faves:
Jet and Cord McCoy:
Twenty-something cowboy brothers from small town Oklahoma that race in cowboy hats and jeans, constantly have each others' backs, are encouraging to each other no matter the situation and above all find humor and good in times of testing.  They have "it" people, they are men of "good character". 

And on the plus-iest of sides they are so funny.  One time, when at the mat with the host, Phil Keoghan, commented to them that a challenge, playing drums, had been fairly troublesome for them.  Jet's answer? "Yea, we don't play musical instruments. The only musical thing I ever played was the radio."

And the Donkey Kong quote, was from Cord on the promo for next week's finale (CBS, Sunday May 9th at 7pm Texas time) when the McCoys race against the last two teams for the million dollars.  They are supposed to do some kind of video game task and thus Cord's response to the challenge said in his distinctive country nasal twang.  I told the girls that, that was gonna be my quote from now on when we have family game nights.   "Girls, it's on like Donkey Kong!" Eyes were rolling all over the place. 


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