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ABC my favorite cat at 8 weeks old

   Hi! I'm Sara Hope. I am 11 years old and about to turn 12 on May 25! I LOVE animals! I have 3 cows, 2 goats, 6 cats, a horse, and I really want a dog. I have 3 sisters, Sophia(at my dad's house) , Zoe( at my mom's) , and Anna(both houses). I live to write! I am a writer and an all A student at school. I write stories, and poems, but the strange thing is that when I am older, I don't want to be a writer. I want to own my own tea shop- bakery- soda shop in the country. I want to live on a farm, like I do now, and on the side be a part-time writer.
                              A LITTLE ABOUT MY PETS
  Surprisingly, my pets are very interesting. My cats (Fudge, ABC (apple blueberry cake), Chocolate, Marshmallow, Oreo, and Kit-Kat) are hilarious! We used to have a cat named Captain, but he died last Monday. He would scratch and scratch on our glass door in the mornings to wake me up just to be fed. He was the only one who did that! My cows (Waffle, heifer, Kassy, heifer, and Pancake, bull) are, well, cows. They just make me money. My goats ( Bella and Bubba) are super cute! Buba looks like he could be, I don't know, just he's beyond CUTE! My horse (Ducky) is fun. He is fat, lazy, cute, and fun. Our favorite thing to do is I give him half a carrot and run down to the other end of the pasture and he chases me. I suddenly stop and he dodges me at the last second. It's really fun after you get past the " If He Doesn't Stop I Could Die" factor, it is pretty fun.

                                  HOUSE HOLD
      Our household to me is average except that I go back and forth from my mom's house to my dad's. My step mom, Jenny, is an amazing cook! My dad teaches me more than what I need to know about farming and suchity- such- suches. My mom is fun when she wants to be and my step dad, well I don't have one. Almost every weekend at my dad's, my cousin, Alyssa, stays at our house when she is supposed to be at our neighbors', my uncle's. We have bunches of fun!

                           Well, talk to ya soon!

April 7, 2010

    Hey it's me again! Soon I want to show y'all some of my poems, but I don't have any right now. As I said before, I have lots of cats.  So what I do have are some pretty cool or funny kitty stories of my feline friends. Here, check 'em out:
                               KITTY KORNER
       Okay, so my cat Fudge likes to put his front paws on you and and rub up aginst you. So one school day morning I went out to feed the cats when in my new bright pink leggings and white shirt, Fudge puts his paws on my legs then when he sees I won't pick him up, he jumps up on me and hangs on for dear life. And to make it worse, it like rained the whole day before.
      Well, I use to have a cat named Captain, but he died. One thing I loved about him was when I would play basketball, he would chase after and jump on the ball. It was sooooooo cool! He almost jumped about 4ft high!
      Well, I am done with that for now. To continue on, I gotta say a few things about school. At the moment, my best friends are K. and H. (and A.B.C. (my cat) L.O.L).  They encourage me and make me laugh any time, any day. At school I am known as the nerdy-popular girl because I am an all A student (last report card grades: 94, 99, 98,98), but am popular.  I have glasses, yes, but an amazing wardrobe.
                                Gotta Go!
                                          - SARA! :-) -


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