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Thursday, March 25, 2010

AHHH, Ireland (August 16, 2009)

OUR DAY IN PICTURES....and yes, a few quips...
Ready to head out.  It was quite chilly/cold.  Perfect Irish weather. Here you can see down O'Connell Street.
And yes we eventually got a jacket on Sophia.

Our drive through Dun Laoghaire (pronounced "done leary").
Our car....hardy har har.  No way, but this was a darling Mini Cooper that provided a photo op.
AHHHH.....Powerscourt Estate just south of Dublin ('bout 30 minutes) and gorgeous.
"David, can you get a close shot of us and the fountain? " I asked.

Okay....not close, but the awesome Sugarloaf Mtn. is trying to get in the shot too.
"No, David, I don't want to be in the pictures." 
Our sweet flowers in this beautiful garden
Sara ponders Powerscourt...ahhh.

Anna is growing so fast.

Bam ram ewe!  (she was eye ballin' me). 
On our way to our next stop, I made David pull over many times.
My camera just couldn't get enough.

The Glendalough Ruins in Wicklow County Ireland.
It was all very "Oooh Ah" worthy...the buildings, this history and the wild greenness all around.

Lou in the chapel ruins.
The long stones on the ground are ancient tomb markers.

The Wicklow Heather Restaurant. Our delicious unplanned stop. 
In the town, just by the ruins...we stopped at the first restaurant we saw and it was the best of our entire trip!

Cozy wood interior, with lovely upolstered high back chairs.

My Irish Stew....ummm, all mine.
The sippee....not mine....Mommy had the delectable champagne that is nearly finished in this shot.
Everyone's meal was wonderful.
Notice the stream gliding down the hillside....this sound, with the gentle chill breeze,
and the sloping valley...we love you Ireland


Mar-Cee-Ah said...

Ah, what a lovely country it 'tis! Oh to travel amongst those green moss-laden hill and dales, to happen upon a glen for a bonnie picnic! Ah, Ireland!

Anne in Oxfordshire said...

Hi Jenny, you had a really great trip to Ireland. I have not been for years and years. I think my husband wants to go, will have to see, I prefer going the other way to France or Italy.. :-)

Jenny said...

Hehe Marcia.

Hello Anne! We truly enjoyed it but the place at the top of my to-go-to list is Italy! too. Thank you for the visit.

Kristin said...

I love your pictures!!! Happy weekend!! (and hope you get another chance to go to Laduree :)

xo's Kristin

Jenny said...

Hello Lovely Kristin. YOu have a great weekend too and thank you for the stop by and the sweet comment.

BonjourRomance said...

Bonjour Jenny,
Ireland looks so beautiful. I'm so close but have never been. Love all your commentary, you have such pretty girls.
Thanks for you sweet comment my friend. I have done a couple of posts, things do get busy. Will head down to your first Irish post that I must have missed somehow.
Take care and have a lovely weekend,

Jenny said...

Allo Mimi! Thank you for your compliments. I am sure you have had delightful travel adventures in fair France and will love to tour them with you. Thank you so much for the blog visit and for reading our humble "adventures".

Belle Vie said...

Hello Jenny,
thank you for visiting my blog and your sweet comments. My little man is indeed a blessing.
Your little girls are darling. Ireland is absolutely breathtaking. I hope to travel there some day.
I hope you have a lovely weekend.
xoxo, B

Jenny said...

Hello Belle Vie! What a treat. Thank you too and have a lovely spring weekend.

Jennifer K said...

Hi Jenny, your photos brought back memories of when I visited Powerscourt Estate and Glendalough. The countryside is soooo beautiful there. I thought the food in Ireland was good too, better than in England (ha ha!). Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Sally Annie Magundy said...

Hi Jenny!
Thank you so much for sharing your lovely trip with us. Oh! How I wish I wasn't a scaredy pants about flying, I'd so love to see Ireland, well the world!
Eagerly awaiting the unveiling of the chick cake pops over here. :)
Happy weekend to you all!

Le Chateau des fleurs said...

Beautiful family...Beautiful pictures Haaaaa thank you, this is so pretty!
Thank you for saying hi!

A Tale of Two Cities said...

I loved my trip to Ireland many years ago, but I have yet to get my husband there, even though it's only a hop, skip and a jump from London. I tend to head east to France with our free time, but after seeing you photos, I'm thinking a trip there this summer should happen.

Enjoyed your photos and stories,

Jenny said...

JenniferK! Yes, the food we had at the local spots was better than in England, but even in England the eats weren't too shabby..thank goodness.

Hello Sally, well I hadn't thought to blog on the pops, but seeing as I want it to be a family project, good idea. Hope your week is sunshiny.

Frenchy you are so so kind. and a busy mommy too. YOu inspire me all the time. I am putting together a kids weekend in celebration of Easter.

Hi Debi!!Ireland is a good Idea but I also gravitate to first thinking of France and Italy. Ireland was mainly inspired for us by the ultra bargain airfare we found which was less than half of other fares to London, or Paris. Whatever you do I hope you blog about it!


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