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Friday, March 5, 2010

For David, on his birthday

This is my husband:

He is turning 40.  Wow, 40 looks good. 

It is still a wonder to me after 8 years of marriage that he is in my life.  I may make an indulgent tale of our meeting and courting on our August anniversary but for now you are spared and I will just share a bit about him.  Because when I think of my husband I thank God for the man that he is and for the fact that I get to make a three strand cord with him. 

So, here we go, 40 things about a man of 40 years.  And as I type it I don't want to push the bragging envelope but I have learned so much from him as a husband and a friend, that I am simply proud of him.

1.  He loves the Lord. 

2.  Oh, how he loves me...dearly, everyday. 

3.  He loves and dotes on his three girls. 

4. He is a good engineer and enjoys his work.

5.  He is a rancher and would chose that over engineering if it brought in the bucks.

6.  He is a fantastic cook.

7.  He makes the best chocolate cheesecake I have ever tasted.

8.  He designed our home and did all the interiors.

9.  He enjoys gardening (especially vegetables) and has rounded us up for more that a few years of gardening harvests.

10.  He detests squash.

11.  He will watch Sense and Sensibility with me (or any well told chick flick really)

12.  He taught me how to make jelly.

13.  He is an Aggie (He will like that I said that, for those unaware, two rival Texas universities are THE University of Texas and Texas A & M....he went to A&M)  (I went to THE  University of Texas) Love ya David

14.  As a single Dad he made sure to always do his girls' hair up in ribbons and dress them in sweet dresses for church.

15.  Because of his sweet Texas twang, when he says "drink" it sounds like "drank". 

16.  He is a great two-stepper.

17.  He is a very good shot.  (We got lots of troublesome critters around these parts that he had taken care of).

18. He is color blind.

19. He still likes holding hands when we are together.

20. He can fix things (house, cars, tools, machinery...Thank you Lord!)

21. He takes out the trash.

22.  He reads his Bible each morning.

23. He loves camping and hikes.

24.  He fixes "his girls" a big breakfast every Saturday morning.  

25.  He hates horror movies.

26.  The mintyness of toothpaste makes him cough.

27. On cold mornings he cleans out the wood stove and starts a big fire for us.

28. He loves to play games (card games, board games, dominoes) and likes getting the whole family together for game night.

29.  He loves to travel.
30.  When we are on the phone and saying goodbye he always remembers to say "I love you". 

31.  His favorite beer is Shiner Bock.

32.  He took me to Prince Edward Island, Canada for our honeymoon because he knew I loved Anne of Green Gables.

33.  When my hand was bandaged for 6 months and I had to keep water exposure to a minimum last year, he gave Sophia ALL her baths, and washed many dishes.

34.  He likes the music of John Denver.

35.  When he was 8 he was hit by a car and came out with out an injury, external or internal.  David's dad said that was the first miracle he had ever seen. 

36.  David likes to cap his night with a cup of hot tea. 

37.  His favorite color is blue.

38.  Between beach, city, or mountains...David would always pick mountains.

39.  The soft friction of a cotton ball in his hands gives him chills. 

40.  David is my best friend. 


A Tale of Two Cities said...

I think he is a keeper! What an awesome guy you've found,and I'd love to hear his 40 things about you that he loves. Obviously, you are one lucky gal. Hope his birthday is a happy one!

Happy weekend,

BonjourRomance said...

Bonjour Jenny,
Happy 40th Birthday David; What a lovely list of 40 things you love about him Jenny. The Lord has blessed you with a marvelous man.
Happy celebrating (let me know how the madeleines turn out)

Jenny said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jenny said...

Martha, the Madeleines were so good! What a great recipe, thank you. And David told me to tell you thank you, too. I made them last night and had them stacked like a cake shape with a candle on top (we are officially celebrating the b-day next weekend). You are very kind and I hope you and yours have a lovely weekend.

Debi, You are very sweet. I so appreciate your comments. I love my David and the list was easy. I wonder if "I" could come up with 40 things about myself, hmm..hehe. I am blessed and thankful. Have a good weekend Debi,and thank you for stopping by.

Anne in Oxfordshire said...

Hi Jenny Happy Birthday to David.. wow he sounds like a lovely guy. What a wonderful list you have made of "LOVE".

I must try and do it for my husband :-)

Thank you for your lovely comment, It is such a shame I did not meet elizabeth, it was such a quick trip and totally a surprise to be going.. hopefully next time :-)

Have a lovely weekend.

Anonymous said...

He sounds like a lovely man and he certainly is a cutie!

I hope he has a happy day today.

Jenny said...

Hello Anne, I think it is a treat to hear wives appreciate their loves. I will tell David you send your greetings. He understands I enjoy blogging but it does give him a bit of a chuckle when I refer to by blogging buddies personally as if you are next door. By the way thank you for stopping by for the visit....hehe.

Elizabeth! I will pass your good wishes on to David. It has been quite a low key day, and his "choice" of birthday activities for tomorrow is clearing the pasture for putting out grass seeds. FUN. But of course it is all for good reasons. THank you for your kind words and yes he is a cutie, indeed. =)

Jennifer K said...

Wow, what a great guy! I love the details about him, like how he's your best friend and he's color blind :-)) I like that he's into agriculture; my mom's side of the family in California were farmers and my mom grew up on a farm. Regarding your last post, I also LOVED 84 Charing Cross Road!

Kristin said...

What a wonderful man! You are truly blessed! And I like your blog and I'm already looking forward to visiting you again!

Jenny said...

Aww, thanks Jennifer! So, did you have any "country encounters" growing up? Me, I was raised small town with plenty 'o' friends involved in 4H and family farms and so had a glancing knowledge of farm/ranch life. Such a contrast to my 3 year old who needs to see the cows each day and asks to go "fishin'" regularly. Glad to hear that you are familiar with Ms. Hanff. Have a great weekend!

Jenny said...

Kristin! Hello. I am thrilled that you stopped to visit. I just visited your dreamy blog and am very glad to meet you. Thank you for the kind comment. I love being referred from one likeminded blog to another. I can't wait to read all your travel treats and your pictures are so gorgeous!

Yaya' s Changing World said...

Such a nice way to honor your husband for his birthday. Tell him I said Happy Birthday! It sounds like he already has the best treasures in his family.

Thought you might like to know that I have a visitor on my blog, today, who will be sharing her grampa's true-life adventures as a Rider on one of the Orphan Trains! There's room for everyone to gather in close and get to know Donna, while enjoying her wonderful story-telling talents. I look forward to seeing you there.

Yaya's Changing World

Gina Johnson said...

I think I'm in love. How wonderful to find your blog through tongue and cheek. So nice to read your love for your man. I have a dreamboat too and am so thankful for him. We are blessed my dear!

Jenny said...

Hello YaYa I am so excited you stopped by you busy bee. I will definitely be catching up with your stories to share about the Orphan Trains. Those stories are amazing and heartbreaking. I will certainly tell David you said Happy Birthday!

Gina, Hello. You are very kind. Most thankfully blessed indeed. I just popped over to your blog and I am so excited to meet you. I am in great danger of not getting anything dome homewise today with your interesting posts and the lovely pictures you have. And your two little ones are precious. I am glad you stopped by and please visit anytime!

Rebecca Ramsey said...

What a sweet man! I'm really happy for you two!

Thanks for your nice note about my book. I'm so glad you're enjoying it!
You made my day.
Hugs to you.

Jenny said...

Rebecca! So glad you stopped by. You'll have to excuse my gushing,you are like a celebrity to me. I have been so glad to find your blog and now reading your book is a joy. I was most especially touched by the outpouring of support and compassion from the French around you during the upheaval of Sept. 11th. It was also so delightful to hear about Corsica Man and how his Corsica made an impression on you.

Sally Annie Magundy said...

Hi Jenny!
Sorry to be such an infrequent visitor! Hope you and your little munchkin are feeling lighter of spirit and healthier of body tomorrow!
Happy belated birthday to your hubby! He sounds like a wonderful person - especially when he makes chocolate cheesecake and watches Sense and Sensibility teehee! Mine doesn't bake dessert but he loves Jane Austen along with me - he loved the latest S&S as much as I did. Yippie!
Happy week to you!

Teri said...

Somehow I missed this post. Your husband sounds FANTASTIC! Really neat. Only 8 years, huh? You two are still newlyweds!!!!

Anyway, he sounds like a winner :)


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