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Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Praise the Lord Sophia is well. Well she was finally a 100% a week after I blogged last. What a trooper. But now her sleep patterns are so off track. And I long for sleep for her, sleep for David and oh yes, sleep for me. Lord be with us. But I am thankful this is all we have to deal with.

Tomorrow I will attempt a new addition to our (Sophia and me) schedule: Stroller striders. Exercising outdoors with your baby. I can imagine those, ummm, 25 pounds or so melting off me now and Sophia contentedly taking it all in for 75 minutes.....I am staying positive. I am not going to think about the fact that it may be quite chilly and I may cop out yet again and instead decide to stay home and practice finding the perfect sugar free pumpkin and apple pie recipes. THus adding more poundage in the taste testing phase. AH, but sacrifices must be made. Which will I make? We shall see.

Well, I not only have stroller striders to look forward to but also a Thanksgiving meal to prepare for (yeah baby, it is all going down in my territory this time), and, as if I wasn't crazy for doing that, a cookie exchange to coordinate and decorate all Christmasy for the week after Thanksgiving.

No, I am typically so not a busy person at all and all the events coming up are of my making but I have been a happy hermit too long and Sophia may appreciate a little more socializing. I hope y'all have a happy Thanksgiving and I am pretty sure I won't be blogging until closer to Christmas.
Blog ya later.

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Steph said...

Hey Jenny,
Just checking in. Haven't seen you in a while. Hope your Thanksgiving went well. And how's the stroller club going? I was just about to get more information to join one in Sugar Land, when we decided to move. Haven't heard of any here in Brenham. I hope all is well.


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