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Friday, January 11, 2008

Happy New Year!

Well we had a sweet, low key Christmas season.

Yes, I had to get the traditional, "first time baby sees Santa Claus and is terrified" pic.
See, she was okey-dokey later.

A little strep throat here, a cold there, teething everywhere and yet the holiday time was spent cozily together and with dear family and friends. Thank you dear Lord! Here's to a New Year with more of the same and, as my mother-in-law toasted, a New Year with Peace. Amen.
I love blogging. But do I do it. No. It is just like the fact that I so enjoy watching Jon & Kate plus 8 and marvel at their efficiency and gumption but does that translate into me doing the same? No, I simply sit and watch and, yes, don't make the most of my time. One of my flaws. But when I read and so admire other peoples blogs I love to compliment and encourage because they are so inspirational to me. So is this a new year's resolution raising it's ugly head--oh no. I don't believe in all the "I'm gonnas". We will just see.

I know Steph made herself a "little diligence jar" and that is such a good idea but I would end up procrastinating on the jar itself. So blogging will be my diligence jar. Anyone welcome to keep me accountable. Uh, I think.
So I hope your New Year is encouraging and that I will blog again soon.

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Steph said...

HI!!!!!!!!!!! Good to read you again! I'm glad you commented on my blog and thanks for the blog love here on this post! You're the sweetest! My little jar is working out pretty well. I WAS afraid of procrastinating on using the jar, but so far so good. Some of the jobs have blog potential, so that gives me some motivation...that's sick isn't it?!

I'm delighted that you posted a picture of you and your family! At least, I am assuming that's you. It's nice to put a face with a blog! :) Such a nice face, too!

Well, I do hope you decide to blog some more. I love coming to visit. Me, on the other hand, I wish I could back off a little...I've gotten a little addicted, I think. ;) See you soon!


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