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Monday, October 22, 2007

My second blog ever

My little sweet Sophia is sick. Oh. Prayers indeed. I think about the scripture in Romans where we are told as believers that the Holy Spirit interprets our groans as prayers and yeah, I am groaning. I pray that this diarrhea, fever and throwing up bug will shoo-shoo away and be cleaned out of her body and that her little immune system will be girded up for any other bugs that dare to be encountered. She is such a little inspiration to me though, as often babies are. She doesn't complain,really, only small fits when she is having a bad bout or when her fever has been way up. And this has been going on now for 8 days. But she still wants to play, love, and laugh, when the fever breaks and she is hydrated and rested. Prayers for anyone that reads this and is going through the same.

I know I will blog again with better news. I would like to blog more but I am somehow waiting for the perfect blogtime and hoping to be a perfect blog writer that I don't end up blogging at all.

Ah, well, until another time.

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Steph said...

Hey Jenny, Glad to see you again! Thanks for your comment on my blog. I too, find the blogging community such an encouragement. Anyways, so sorry that your baby is sick. I hope she is feeling better...8 days...that's a long time, for baby AND Mama!
I do hope you blog again soon. Once I posted pictures of Braelyn, and saw how fun it was to read comments, I was hooked and writing became a lot easier. Now I have to talk myself OUT of blogging! :) See you soon!


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