Robert Frost

The best way out is always through.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

My very first blog ever

I am oddly excited. But I really have nothing to post or announce besides the fact that I have embarked on this new online adventure. I am most definitely not tech savvy so I will hopefully make this a more sophisticated and fun journal for my family and friends that want to check in with our little family and our news. Plus I like having this forum for a type of computer scrapbooking.....but at least this time I might actually finish something. Happy reading to all.

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Steph said...

Welcome, my like-minded, country blogging friend! I've been waiting to get in touch with you. Thanks for connecting on my blog. It seems that we have much in common...it's so crazy that we have the same title and Scripture.
Regarding my last blog...yes, Moosefeathers is still there and cute as a button. I'll probably stop there this week. And how could I forget Barnes and Nobles?! Happy blogging!


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