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Monday, October 4, 2010

A miracle

"I prayed for this child, and the Lord has granted me what I have asked of Him."
1 Samuel 1:27

Today my "baby" is 4.  Can I officially call her a baby?...I  can still pick her up and cradle her in my arms.  ?....No?... I guess not because when I do this she giggles and comments, "Momma, you are holding me like a baby!"....I ask, "Is that okay?"...she smiles and says, "O'course!".  She is a miracle. 

A rare Feb. 2010 snow, our pasture
Much like my two step-daughters are a miracle.  Like my marriage is a miracle to me.  Let me back track to say that I don't just call anything a miracle, but I also see the miraculous in maybe some everyday things.  You see, I can still remember by biggest hopes even as a young teen were to be married, have a large family, and live on a farm.  

Helpin' daddy on the farm
I do now live on a farm, and I was thoroughly single until I met my husband to be (blind date set up by my sister--which is a pretty cool story by itself)....I mean the miracle here was that he was my first boyfriend ever...and I was 29!  On our second date I told him how I so desired to have about 6 kiddos, and without a missing a beat (even as a divorced, single-father of two precious toddlers) he said, "Well we have two, four to go." 
Sara and Sophia in footy pajamas, winter 2008

Sophia and Anna, she's one year old

Then after we got married we started praying, trying and hoping for our third (my first biologically).  For nearly two years and some testing (we both checked out fine) we kept hoping and hoping.  I will be honest to say there were a lot of tears on my part...especially at a certain time of the month. 

Westminster Abbey, August 2009
Then, I so particularly remember one Sunday in January of 2006....we were at our favorite brunch place after church and I was a week "late" (even though I have always been, let's say "irregular")and I felt elated.  I remember as we waited for our order I looked at David and said, "Um, I think we are pregnant."  He sweetly smiled and said, "Yep, I think we are." somehow knowingly.  A week after that I went to my OB/GYN and it was official, Sophia was on the way, after months and months....our miracle.
Sisters+Cousins=Happy times, Christmas 2008
October came and Sophia was born....joy of joys for us all!...but my body took the pregnancy as a stress (and I'd only gained 19 pounds) and Lupus set in.  As I am regularly checked on by my doctors and I am on medication to maintain my symptoms (mostly affecting my skin and particularly my hands), I feel fine, but have found out that the Lupus may complicate us getting pregnant again.  If, Lord willing, I do get pregnant, it may exacerbate my symptoms, but thankfully should not affect the womb.  But for these last 3 and some years of praying and hoping we have not had our joyous news again. 

"What are you doing Sophia?", I ask....she says, "I am a fashion model, reading"
Every child is a miracle.   But, I count the privilege of carrying a healthy child dearly as a miracle too.  And seeing Sophia as she grows each step of the way is miraculous to me indeed.  I enjoy the little person she is with her own personality, her likes, dislikes and foibles.  So, here's to my joy and miracle: four things (plus)
Sophia turns 2
1. She loves gingerbread cake (her description for both gingerbread and chocolate cake)
2. When it is time to nap or she is tired she tells us, "I think I need to chill now"

Sophia in Seville, Spain (June 2008)
3. Instead of saying something she says, "sum-ping"
4. Lately when she says her prayers she adds, "I pray for my big red dog (we don't own one, she is praying for her fave cartoon character, Clifford), and a tractor", so for her party we made a Clifford cake, and yep, she got a tractor....look at her go (and grow).

She's a country girl
PLUS:  the other day when she rummaged through her hefty stash of dress up clothes (thanks to her big sisters) she put on the barbie bride dress and said, "look momma, it is my wedding.".   I told her that yes, it is a wedding dress and asked, "Do you know what a wedding is?"...she said, "a birthday party."  I told her that when she gets bigger and meets a man after God's own heart and they love each other, she would marry him and be with him like I am with daddy, and they would have their own home and maybe she would have babies of her own.......She furrowed her brow and looked quite serious and said, "I don't want to have my birthday and get bigger and be married, momma.  I want to stay little and always be with you." Gulp, words to a mom-of-a-toddler ears.... I told her, "Of course you will be with us for a long time still", as I hugged her.  Then, no lie, she grasped my face in her two little hands and said, "Momma I love you so much, always." Double gulp... I love her to the moon and back.   

She mommy's Barnes & Noble buddy too!
We love you pill!

In Christ,


It's me said...

Hi Jenny......congratulations with your beautiful girl !!! ...lovely post lovely pictures......have a lovely week ......hugs and blessings from me....Ria....

Lindsey Rogers said...

Happy Birthday Sophia!!!!

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Dearest Jenny,

WOW. What a blessing this is...your story, your family, your faith. Thank you for coming to visit me again; I so look forward to getting to know you...this whole blogging thing has been a miracle in a way because I have been so fortunate to meet the most wonderful people, especially believers with grand stories of Christ in their lives. Your family is stunning, your blog a place to reflect on what is beautiful, and your kindness a wonderful gift. God bless you Jenny, please come by anytime dear friend. Fondly, Anita

Jenny said...

Aw, Ria, you are so sweet. Thank you for your kind comments and you have a good week too.

Lindsey! Sophia says, "Thank you!" She has been tickled pink the whole day with the calls and messages of Happy Birthday.

Anita, you are very kind and it is certainly a treat and blessing to be encouraged by your words and pictures on your blog. Have a wonderful week.

A Tale of Two Cities said...

Yes, it's true, you are richly blessed, and with sweet children like yours, I bet you are constantly reminded of what a miracle truly is.

What a love story--enjoyed every detail,

Anne in Oxfordshire said...

Happy Birthday to your sweet little Miracle Sophie :-) :-)

Your story is like a film .. I cannot believe you did not have a boyfriend before, I think God was saving you for your wonderful husband :-)

I am trying to email you , no luck .
Anyway thank you for your wonderful comment .. I am very lucky to have won the little frame and to meet Mimi , and YES she is a very private person, no photos on her blog either. We didn't take any photos either.

Jenny said...

DEBI!!! OH, my thank you so much for your encouraging comment. thank you for all you share, the thoughtful comments you always leave and for stopping by my little blog. Your blog has been my travel-escape this summer and for that I thank you.

Anne,...you always so kind. Yes. David himself says that God brought us together. Sorry the email didn't work. Today the internet connection has been glitchy...hope that is just an odd occurance. Even without photos I was glad to hear about your visit with Mimi.

Sally Annie Magundy said...

Hi Jenny!
I've got a miserable headache but I wanted to run over and tell you that it was so nice to see you on my blog! I'm so glad you're back, you've been missed! I look forward to catching up with you.
Happiest 4th birthday to your darling Sophia!
Sally xo

Steph said...

Hey Girl!
What a precious post! Thanks for sharing and thank you for your sweet comment on my blog the other day. I hate, for you, that we have similar struggles, but there is such encouragement in not having to go it alone. Thankful for you and I'm praying for you.

Sally Annie Magundy said...

I'm back! Sorry I ran in and out before but my noggin was killing me. OUCHERS.
This is the sweetest most precious post Jenny, filled with love and blessings. I'm so glad you found your miracle in your wonderful David and his girls and had your joyful Sophia! It was such fun to read a bit about your beginnings together. You cracked me when you said Sophia says she needs to chill! Too cute.
Happy happy week to you!
P.S. We've been enjoying an English period drama on DVD - Lark Rise to Candleford, I think you'd enjoy it if you haven't already seen it.

Jenny said...

Sally...I have never tended to be headachy, but when the odd one comes on everything stops for me so thanks for trooping through and leaving me a thoughtful comment. Sophia had a fun b-day weekend but cried Mon. night when there was not ANOTHER party...so we sang Happy Birthday with her nighty-night snack and she was good again.

Steph...as I wrote this I thought of you and my sister-in-law, who is closer to your age and had surgery to where she cannot now have another child. She has her precious 5 year girl who is surely her miracle and was a surprise at the time. Thank you dearly for your visit and your prayers.

Sally again! you are a dear to me. at times I think I gush and go on too much but I realize then that if anyone tires of me they can ignore my gush or understandingly put up with it if they like. I am so thankful for this bloggy forum because I have met you and you have been such an encourager to me and such a bright, joyful blogger to read. I am putting Lark Rise on my list right now and will surely enjoy it. English+period drama=just up my alley. Have a lovely week!

ParisBreakfasts said...

Lucky you!
to have such lovely sweet children!!

Jenny said...

Carol! what a superb surprise and thank you so much for stopping by and your kind comment.

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Hi Jenny! Yes, those last shots on my post are of BRUGGS, such a lovely and enchanting little city that has no modern skyscrapers, to my knowledge. Have you been there?

God bless, Anita

Mar-Cee-Ah said...

Hi Sophia! Happy Belated Birthday from Hewitt!! What a sweet girl and what a lovely family you have! Hugs all around! Love,

Jenny said...

Anita, I have hopes to get to travel overseas again but for now Bruges and other spots out of the States will have to wait 'til we can save up for the pleasure again. Until then I can thoroughly enjoy those beautiful spaces on my fave blogs.

Marcia! Hello there dear friend. I will give her your birthday message. Hugs to you and your precious bunch too.

Jennifer K said...

Hi Jenny, how many times did my eyes tear up when reading this post?
You are so lucky that your first boyfriend turned out to be not only your husband, but such a wonderful fella. And Sophia truly is a miracle. It's so cute that she cried when she realized there weren't going to be any more birthday parties! Oh, to be 4 again.

Jenny said...

Oh, Jennifer...when I read the blog entry aloud to my hubby (he just is so busy and rarely gets on the internet, except for work, that I want him to know what I put "out there" when it has to do with family) I was choked up the entire time....because I can't believe my "baby" is four...like it still isn't sinking in. Yeesh..what is up with that? Thank you for your compassionate response and I like that phrase...he certainly is a "wonderful fella". Have a "s'marvelous" weekend my "American in Paris" friend.

Le Chateau des fleurs said...

I love your story and your family! You are so wonderful and inspired. You make me smile and give me strength. Thank you for being such a beautiful person inside and out.

Sally Annie Magundy said...

Hi Jenny!
So sorry to be so late in getting back to you - I got all wrapped up in my Halloween posting (so silly of me!) and now I've been making something for my husband for our anniversary this weekend. Time is flying by!
I'm so glad Lark Rise looked like something you might enjoy. And kindred spirits we are ... I've seen Clatterford and enjoyed it - I adore Jennifer Saunders, Dawn French and Joanna Lumley. It was on BBC America and we also rented some of it on Netflix. And yes, I've seen Curse of the Were Rabbit and loved it. We adore anything from Aardman.
Hey! I saw that Corey was literally only five minutes from me. WAH! I'm going to tell her that next year she needs to pick you up in Texas and then come visit me! :)
Wishing you all a lovely weekend!

Sally Annie Magundy said...

Okay, I've told Corey she must pick you up and come see me next year! ;)

Happy happy week to you,

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

HI JENNY!! Oh, thank you for your visit and your enthusiasm. God is the giver of life, love, youth at heart, and all the good things that make us move upwards! How are you? Life is good.....Anita

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Jenny dearest, your words, so eloquently written, are kindness in print. Thank you, and God bless you and your family this weekend! THANK YOU!!!! Anita

Jenny said...

Frenchy! I have to say the same kind comments back to you. You are an encourager. Thank you for your visit.

Sally, it is a crazy idea and it just might work! What fun. Have a great weekend.

Anita, you are very welcome! I so appreciate your stopping by and thank you for the loveliness on your blog.


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