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Friday, October 22, 2010

Girls' Getaway!

I have been having blogging pains....always thinking of the next thing I want to blog about...I start to type, then cringe when I know I want to add pictures (is it just me or is downloading pictures a hassle and a half for anyone else?).   So I still have much I want to post and share, but right now, it's Friday and I need to pack for a road trip with some dear sweet family friends. 

I love a girls' getaway but I am a sap because I know I will miss my family.   There will be 11 of us for the "Just Us Girls Sharing" weekend ( I had to slip that in there because last week on the Today Show morning show, I saw a jolly group of ladies with this club's name acronym on their shirts....and I just thought it was kinda of funny and cute).  We will be touring our lovely Texas Hill Country area through spots like Fredericksburg, Comfort, Rocksprings, Vanderpool and the Three Sisters Scenic drive....all with a tea time stop and a BBQ stop, of course. 

It is very probable that I will blog about it....and possibly cringe a bit as I try to post all the photos I am sure to be taking.  Here's hoping y'all have a lovely weekend and we all catch up when I get back.   Happy trails.

In Christ,


Anne in Oxfordshire said...

Hello Jenny of course you will miss your family, but you deserve a break with your friends, I think it is wonderful. Love the photo , just look at the amazing colours.

Take lots of photos, blog when you get back and have caught up with your family, we will be here waiting, just enjoy ♥♥

A Tale of Two Cities said...

Girlfriends--there's nothing like them, and as much as you might miss your family, I know you girls will have a blast. I'm headed to Boston in a couple of weeks for a little girlfriend weekend myself.

Fredericksburg this time of year--how fun! Go to Rather Sweet Bakery and get yourself a treat....


Anne in Oxfordshire said...

hi Jenny thanks for you lovely comment. How did your get-away go?

I am feeling better now thanks, think it must of been a 24 hour bug.

More photos to come , bit slow, but like to have something to blog about:-)

God bless.

Jen said...

sounds like fun! i can't wait to enjoy some falls in the hill country of texas. your picture makes me wish i was there today! i get to go to a women's conference next weekend and i cannot wait.


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