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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

What a wonderful bloggy world! Thank you so much.

Do you wanna know how I feel when I share stories (delightful, touching, funny stories)  with my family and they ask "where did that story come from?" and I say "so-n'-so's" blog?  I feel like I am telling them tales from my imaginary friends.  Not because my blog buddies are not real (because so much y'all share is so very very real), but because my blog life is still so foreign to my family (not one family member reads it, I tell them everything anyway) and the looks on their faces are like "Aw, that's nice for you".  Now, don't get me wrong, I am blessed with a supportive family in so many ways but for some reason "blogging" does not compute.  What gives?

Well this last week I have been in the midst of the awful "yucks", AGAIN (in the form of a blazing sinus infection).  And while I have been laying low in the posting department, I have been joyfully keeping up with the blogs I love.  Yet, I have noticed that I wasn't sharing some sweet gems from my favorite blogs with my family as much, like Elizabeth's everyday (yet extraordinary) walk through her 'hood of Cornwall,England
or Corey's exquisitely photographed week in Paris inspired by blog readers requests,
or even Debi's fabulous Kensington Palace fancy dinner in London! 
I imagined that they (family) might get a bit tired of me speaking about people and places that I did not know in the flesh.   Then two things happened this week to peak their interest.....

In the mail direct from Scotland, I received my AWESOME collection of hand crafted goodies from Karon of Dream Country Chat!:
She has a website that features her homemade goods of tea towels, sachets, cards and tote bags (fabric designed by her), and on her blog she hosted a giveaway of her "Brocante" line of items and I was lucky enough to be chosen. 
Brocante items: tote, card, post card, herb sachet, and tea towel!

 My family was quite impressed and intrigued in how I knew Karon.  When they found it was blog related it seemed to add a new dimension to my bloggy interests.  Thank you so much Karon!
This thistle was at the foot of my mailbox the day your package arrived Karon!
Then, two days later, and very much a sweet surprise to me I found this in my mailbox:

Oddly enough, my first postcard from Paris (yes, I have had the joy of being in Paris, but I never had anything sent to me from fair Pah-ree). 

The CULPRIT: Anne in Oxfordshire!
Thank you ,thank you Anne!  Little did you  know what a pick me up your card would be and what curiosity it would raise in my home.  Again came the questions, "So how do you know this person? Why would she send you a card? yada, yada, yada.." I told them that one of Anne's hobbies is sending and receiving postcards from everywhere and that she also blogs so well about her enjoyment of travel and favorite destinations of Paris and Italy in particular.  And I was happy to share that by blogging, I have had the extraordinary gift of forming new friendships/acquaintances with women (as far as my experience goes, it is just ladies) who may lead very different lives from me, but share the same delight in putting their experiences, hopes, dreams and observations in an open forum.  I have honestly received such kind words and encouragement and caring from my fellow bloggers and feel very grateful and humbled. 

So, from boonies-country Texas I send y'all a big Thank Ya! Happy Blogging and God Bless You.


Anne in Oxfordshire said...

Hello Jenny.. So pleased that the card and arrived and you enjoyed the surprise.. I knew that you loved Paris by your posts, it was my pleasure to send you a card, and your first card from Paris too, makes it all the more special.

I share the same sentiment with you regarding my blog too! Not one of my family read it.. not even the family in other parts of the world.. but the same questions, How do you know her, why would they send to you..

Such lovely gifts you received from Scotland too , just shows you how much blogging opens up your world ♥

Yes we had a fun few hours out.. He is off again next week on his travels (work) to Turkey this time, and two weeks later to Canada. I have said we need to have more time together . Take care Anne

A Tale of Two Cities said...

You say the nicest things. So sorry to hear that you have been under the weather. I know just how you feel about your "blogging" friends and what a lifeline they can be. Wouldn't it be great if we could all meet for a virtual old fashioned "pot-luck" and see what everyone would bring and what stories we would all share? Still hoping we might meet someday since we have the Texas connection!


It's me said...

Hello Jenny

What a beautiful blog travel you have made ...... but.... where is the Netherlands? I know there is also a nice blog ........It's me.............hahahahhahhah!!!

Happy evening hugs and blessings from me.........

Anonymous said...

Jenny ... you always say the sweetest things to me in my comments section and here I find you're saying kind things about me over here at your place too. Thank you for that. You have know idea how often I've said, " Awww, that is so sweet, " when reading a comment you've left for me. I always, always, appreciate it.

I hope you're on the mend soon health wise. A sinus infection can be tough to shake.



Jenny said...

Anne! I do hope you have more time together because he surely does travel so much and I can't imagine how hard that must be. Thank you again for your thoughtfulness even while you were having so much fun with the girls. Blogging has most definitely opened things up for me.

Debi, well I would love to tell you we are heading to jolly London sometime soon..but no. We thought be going through Houston around the 4th of July to see family in Kemah. I will send you a line around that time...and by the way, you too say the nicest things. Thank you.

Ria! your blog is oh, so nice indeed! And Netherlands is what Americans also know as Holland. Is that correct? I assumed that is where you lived and if so it must be gorgeous because all your pictures are so beautiful of your region. Thank you for your sweet words and stopping by for a visit.

Jenny said...

Elizabeth...I tried to post your very touching comment, but I haven't figured out why I got an error message on it. I will try again, but I wanted to tell you how I truly enjoy your writing, exploring Cornwall, and getting to know you better. I am always happy to comment.

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Hi Jenny! Thank you for coming by!!! WOW! How fun to meet a new friend. I so understand what you are saying about blogging; my colleagues and friends in the physical realm have no interest or clue of the fun and friendship of blogging. Thank you for your kind comments and please, stop by anytime!!!

Have a marvelous day, Anita

Girl Meets Paris said...

I am SO behind on my blog reading... it's just been one of those months. Hope things are well with you.

I loved this post. I talk about many bloggers I know, as if we are all best friends. I love it too... such a cool outlet and addition to my life.

Love ya!

Jenny said...

Anita, Thank you for the stop by and the kindness of your comment. See, meeting you is certainly a perk of blogging. Happy blogging to you.

Teri, I agree wholeheartedly. A wonderful outlet for fun, truths, and dreaming.

Rebecca Ramsey said...

Ooh, such pretty treasures and places. Isn't blogging awesome? It's like a whole new sisterhood open to us!

Sally Annie Magundy said...

Hi Jenny!
Stopping by to let you know that I've given you an award on my blog.

I hope you're feeling better now. My cold is gone but I've got the worst allergies.

Happy Tuesday!

Megan @ Little Bella Bean said...

It is a pleasure to meet you! I do get to share boggy stories with my mom who blogs, but as for others, they don't quite get it.

As for internet friends, I know a group of ladies from a message board forum back when I miscarried and was trying to get pregnant again. (Between my son and daughter). We became so close and pray for eachother and still talk. I would talk about them and feel like others thought I was loony for having such close friends that I had never met!

Your gifts are fabulous. How fun. I hope you are feeling better!!


Jennifer K said...

Hi Jenny, thanks so much for checking in at my blog. I did indeed go on a one-week vacation to Ireland! And before that I was swamped with work so it was hard to update my blog. I have also received a postcard from Anne in Oxfordshire and it was fun to meet her in person too. Those brocante pieces are lovely. I hope that you're feeling better now.


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