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Monday, April 5, 2010

A Giveaway....well kinda, sorta

We had a sweet Easter weekend with work, lots of cooking, 

Chick-y cakepops ala Bakerella
worship filled Sunday service, family, goats, a yummy lunch, egg hunt,
cascarones (Mexican Easter tradition of cracking confetti filled painted egg shells on your favorite people), wild bunnies, and even a rattle snake hunt (yep, we live in the country and yes it was "taken care of").  It ended with kids stuffing themselves on Easter treats and us all talking, laughing and soaking up our lovely spring weather (lovely Texas weather is a fleeting thing).  I really wanted to grab a pic of the gang chasing and cracking cascarones on one another, but I was a target and trying to help my three year old be a part of the fun.  But I caught them a moment before the fun:
Sara with her favorite cat ABC

Our lovely little ladies...ahem, what are you doing Sophia?
See baby goats:

Now for the "giveaway":  well it is no secret in these parts that I enjoy cooking and baking (I carry more evidence of that fact on my person than I care to, but oh well).  I guess with all our visitors 'round here this weekend I pulled out new and favorite recipes and went to town: 

Resurrection Buns
Cake Pops ala Bakerella
Giada DeLaurentiis' most awesome asparagus salad with mozzarella, melon and prosciutto
homemade ranch dressing ala Pioneer Woman
Quick Yeast rolls ala Southern living
Crash Hot potatoes ala Pioneer Woman
Apricot Peach tea

there was one dish I knew would cause a round of "yumms" , "mmmms" , and "oohs, ahhs".  And as much as I wished I could say that I "thought it up", or "tweaked it my way".  Nope.  I stick to this simple perfect recipe, and even when I have fudged a bit, it has ALWAYS turned out wonderful, healthful, and DELICIOUS!  So I will give away this treasured recipe.....

The Best Roast Chicken Ever:
I could credit the cast iron skilled for the succulent outcome but truly it is Jan's nice balance of oil, lemon, garlic and rosemary that makes the perfect juice.  And we carve it in the skillet, letting the pieces swim in the pan drippings a little to get the full umpf of the dish.  Now I can't make you do this tonight but it is highly recommended.  Enjoy!



A Tale of Two Cities said...

I never have made a roasted chicken--just bought them at the markets around town--London and Houston and the very best in Brussels when we lived there in the 90's. Think it's about time to try one my self. Thanks for the nudge!


BonjourRomance said...

Bonjour Jenny,
Glad you all so much fun on Easter weekend. The photo of the ladies is so beautiful. The recipe looks delicious. Take care and enjoy that Spring weather while you can. We've had loads of rain but finally the sun is shining and it is perfect outside!

Jenny said...

Hello Debi, Let me know when you do, what you think. Thank you for the visit and the chat...heehee.

Bonjour dear Mimi, oh, no, you are making me so wistful for Paris just letting me know it is shining in perfect..ah. Enjoy and thank you for stopping by.

~*~ saskia ~*~ said...

Hi Jenny, looks like you really had a great (family) time Easter weekend! Love the picture of your little beauty in the meadow!!

Have a happy day!

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Dearest Jenny,
Thank you for coming to visit me and my imagination! I see on your profile that we share the same movie taste...Sense and Sensibility and HOT FUZZ!!!! I love goats, I am a teacher of fourth graders and I am a believer. You have a "Pleasant Place" here for sure, and yes, you MUST SEE The Dordogne in France. The food is the best, the scenery breathtaking, and the atmosphere, MAGIC. A definite MUST SEE.

Do come back for tea, fun and French stuff if that is your TASSE DE THÉ!!


Jenny said...

Anita! I am very happy and excited you stopped by. Thank you for the visit and the comment. Your blog is very magical and I have stopped by from time to time and am so glad I left a comment this time. Keep dreaming and writing and yes, it all is my cup of tea.

Jennifer K said...

Looks like you had a great Easter. I love the pic of Sara and the cat (I'm a cat lover myself), and those cakepops look cute and yummy. Someday I'd like to hear more about the rattlesnake -- I'm from southern California and there's lots of them there too. Thanks for the recipe, I'll have to try it sometime!

Jenny said...

Jennifer!, Yep, I am thankful that so far the snakes have been found in the deep part of our pasture a ways away from our home. One of our family was touring the old barn and found a rattler eating some baby bunnies sans a mommy. The moment he told my hubby and brother-in-law about the sighting the gang was off, firearms and all like a posse on the hunt. Thankfully they did kill it and it measured about 5 feet long. A good sized but smaller than one my hubby killed last fall. Yikes. Needless to say I am not a snakey fan. This is why we are thick with the cats around the homestead. they take care of us and we take care of them. Thank you for visiting and hope the Paris weather is treating you right.

Le Chateau des fleurs said...

Hey my belle,
I just tasted roast chicken in my mouth!
I need to get breakfast! LOL
Great recipe. Your kids are so gorgeous!
Have a great day!

Rebecca Ramsey said...

Yum! You've got my mouth watering again--and you've inspired me to try my hand at cakepops. Those look so good!
What pretty young ladies you have! I'm glad you had a nice Easter!

Jenny said...

SASKIA! Hello again dear woman. That is my Sophia in our back yard, where the beautiful bluebonnets are filling our green spaces with color. Thank you for your sweet compliment. and thank you for visiting!

Frenchy, you are so kind. And I know you are a busy bee, so thank you for the visit and thoughtful comment. I am glad you are keeping us updated on your naturaliztion.

Rebecca! Hey girl, the chicken is most definitely mouthwatering and the cake pops are so easy, fun, and a hit with the kids. Enjoy. Are girls are our joy, of course, and does it need to be said...growing oh so fast.

~*~ saskia ~*~ said...

Hi Jenny, wishing you a happy day! Sending a big hug your way. I'm almost of to bed now, a sweet day for you and sweet dreams for me ;)

Le Chateau des fleurs said...

Ma belle!
You are featured on my post today for the French obsession link. you can come grab the photo and the link and show off that you were featured!
Gros bisous

It's me said...

Hello Jenny.i found your blog today.....and i wil follow you nice blog you have............i hope you wil come to visit mine.and maybe you wil follow too....have a nice day hugs from Ria

Sally Annie Magundy said...

Hi Jenny!
I'm back in blog land! Hubby went back to work today after his two week spring break. Gosh, I have so much to catch up on at home and online. YIKES!
Looks like you all had such a lovely Easter. Loving your production line photos of your cake pops, so cute. And what fun, I love the idea of the cascarones - I only read about them for the first time recently.
Oh! I'm having a little giveaway of a magazine, come over and take a looksee and see if you're interested.
Happy happy Monday and week to you!


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