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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

My Christmas Movies of all time

Ahh. I love movies. Can I officially call that a hobby? If I had to choose between a manicure, seeing a movie, or buying a new shirt I would typically pick seeing a movie (with hubby+snacks). But when it comes to Christmas movies I have mostly seen those at home. Now this list is not super well thought out but I can easily name the holiday movies that, oddly enough, if I miss seeing them this time of year...well I'll just say, I don't usually miss seeing them. I know after I list these I am gonna remember some more so I just might have to update the list, as vital as it is and all. Drum roll please.....................

1. It's a Wonderful Life I was a freshman in college when I first saw this movie and I sat in tears at the end wondering where it had been all my life. I remember thinking how romantic George and Mary's first kiss was and how I just wanted him to get that ol' Mr. Potter. I have loved Jimmy Stewart and Donna Reed ever since. My mom and I try each year to find a time when we can sit together (and she usually is not one to sit for a movie at home) and take it all in as George runs through snowy Bedford Falls and calls out to all the old familiar things that have been the backdrop to what he finally realizes has been his Wonderful Life.
2. The Muppets Christmas Carol Oh, how do I love thee o' Muppets. I shall count the ways. Gonzo and Rizzo are hilarious and sweet as the narrators of the tale. I had not thought much of Michael Caine as an actor B4 this movie but his portrayal of Scrooge is spot on and endearing. He was perfect. I have always appreciated Dickens' tone and meaning in this story but the Muppets version is the gold standard of it's retelling and with all the Muppets' flair the old tale gets a nice polish and is new again. Watch it! Yes. I think I will.
3. National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation It just plain ol' cracks me up but good. I can still remember seeing this at the theater with my Dad because as a teenager I shrunk into my seat as he howled with laughter (a trait I get from him) so loudly to Clark flying uncontrollably on his sled that he was that person in the audience who continues to make the audience laugh in response to his laughter even after the scene is over. Simply enjoyable.
4. Elf Now I totally enjoyed this movie the first time I saw it and still do. But it most definitely had to grow on my husband and two oldest girls. I can recall taking the girls to see this as a treat after the last day of school before the holidays. Everytime Will Farrell did anything embarrassing (which to them was pretty much everything he did) they actually had to hide their faces in their hands (you know, like people do at horror movies) and they shrunk so low in their seats that I had to pull Sara up for fear she would try to sit on the nastyness that is a movie theater floor. (Or maybe it was my howling laughter that did it?) Anyway, I have made them rewatch it so much that they now sit with silly smiles as they watch Will Farrell in full force as the Elf who delights in all things Christmasy, Santa, sugar! and love.
5. My Cinematic departure: Charlie Brown's Christmas. Who doesn't hear those faint strains of children singing slightly off key to "Christmastime is hereeee" and have a flood of childhood Christmas memories? But what I love best and most is that Charlie Brown's search for the meaning of Christmas is beautifully found in Linus' recitation of Luke 2:8-14.
Well, that's it. For now. I think. What are your Christmas favorites?

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Mar-Cee-Ah said...

I am a movie fan, too, and yes, typically end up in tears for "Its a Wonderful Life" - you know Zu-Zu's petals and all!! I love a "Christmas Carol" - the older the better, and of course, good old Charlie Brown - where the dancing and singing are the best!! I also enjoy the Judy Garland musical where she sings "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas". My utmost fav is "White Christmas" with Bing, Danny Kaye, Rosemary Clooney and I can't remember the other actress - but the best number is "Sisters, Sisters"...too too cute.


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