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Saturday, August 29, 2009

London anyone?

Well, I still need to finish our last year's trip write up (for my own sake, yes, I know.) I dearly want to share this year's trip because I am just one of those people who likes to have stories to tell. I so enjoyed London again and everytime my mother in law stated that she didn't want us to be bored upon our second viewing of the sites I couldn't express to her enough what a wonder all this history is to me still. I would do much of it over again if any more friends or family would like a tour guide (anyone?, anyone?). But for now I will reminesce (such is me) once I finish my France/Spain travelogue. I do want to share one London pic though for now:
This was actually our amazing view out of our windows each day and night. After quite a bit of trouble booking an apartment, we found (Lord lead) this aparment only a week and a half before we set out. I was simply glad we had to place to stay for our price range and then WOW. It took my breath away. I will share more later.

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Steph said...

Yes, please! Oh, I adore London!


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